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Poison Tree {trailer} (2016)

Shanks's Pony (2014)

Tummy Bug {clip} (2011 - 16)

16 mins//2K

14 ½ mins//HD

LSFF emblem

45 mins//HD

Manners Maketh Man (2012)

Toyah (2011)

17 mins//VHS

26 mins//HD

Found Tape (2010)

Tandem (2008)

The Borderland Trilogy (2009)

 19 ½ mins//SD

glasgowfil-24fb3db0e4f5e7de4b96c759e22d2b06 Awards-NEW1-300x169

4 mins//HD

21 mins//HD

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*A huge thank you to all our Poison Tree supporters*


Branching Out {trailer} (2017)

15 mins//HD

         A Midlands Phantasy {coming soon}


Perwitsky (2013)

26 mins//VHS

Eliphasito {clips} (2015)




Stanley, stuck in a rut and living at home, pretends to hold down a full-time job in order to impress his former partner.




Scott Atchison as Stanley

Cara Dudgeon as Mandy

Jacqui Turrell as Ma



A phantasmagoria.





In a leafy suburb, Shirley attends a party much to the surprise of others, revealing her darker motives as the celebrations unfold.




Lucy Chappell as Shirley

Ciara Charteris as Phaedra

Mark Carter as Robert

Tanya Myers as Joyce



Aspiring actress Diana is willing to go to strange lengths in order to secure her ascent into stardom...




Daisy Moore as Diana

Roger Knott-Fayle as Daddy

Piotr Wisniewski as Osman

Autumn Smiles as Astrid

Kitty Bellchambers-Wilson as Honor

John Turrell as White Face



A young drifter wakes up by a riverbank. He journeys through the countryside, meeting people along the way. As the day progresses, it becomes clear that he harbours a dark and dangerous nature.




David Ash as The Drifter

Gerri Fletcher as Woman

Donald McNab as Man

David Sharpe as Disabled Man



Slackers Violet and Jad learn of the prison escape of drug baron and murderer Perwitsky, and he's heading their way!




Heather Perkins as Violet

Callum McNab as Jad

David Sharpe as Perwitsky

Gerallt Ruggiero as Bille



Stumbling across an alien entity in a field, Max falls pregnant. Whilst keeping his strange secret hidden, familial tensions begin to run high.




Tom Thompson as Max

Holly Lucas as Janet

Andrew Proctor as Dad

Kath George as Mum

Colin Craig as Boss



Peter Goose has a bone to pick.




David Ash as Peter

John Turrell as Richard



Arriving back in to town after a mysterious absence, Toyah goes about trying to track down her estranged father. But not everyone is willing to help.




Charlie Sanderson as Toyah

Johann Myers as Neil

Guy Evans as Travis

Alison Hope as Marie

Andrew Proctor as Party Man  



Two lads steal a camcorder and decide to set out into the night to video a burglary with it. But it seems someone is following them... carrying a blowtorch.




Jamie Hoult as Jamie

Daivd Ash as David

Chris Hanbury as Chris

Stuart Tacey as Stacey

John Turrell as Blowtorch



A trilogy of tonal experiments. Exploring dreams and reality; sanity and insanity; life and death.




Jacqui Turrell

David Ash

Don McNab



Joan makes the annual visit to celebrate her brother Paul's birthday. The rediscovery of the childhood tandem bike sets them on a journey across council estate and countryside where the past threatens to resurface.




Rebecca Palmer as Joan

Ryan Pope as Paul


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